1. Advanced nutrition supports brain function and energy levels which promotes safety at the workplace – particularly on mines (and jobs with high safety risks) where safety is a priority concern.
  2. The International Labour Organisation recently reported that companies are losing up to 20% in productivity due to malnutrition.
  3. According to Harvard School of Public Health, businesses spending $1 on employee health and wellness programmes can expect a $3.27 reduction in healthcare costs.
  4. Return on Investment: study suggests the accumulated benefits result in a potential 150% return on investment.
  5. Another study shows a 49% increase in productivity, improved and sustained energy levels whilst at work from proper nutrition.
  6. Employee retention: A study suggests a 54% likelihood that an employee remains with the company that provides food nutrition.
  7. Balanced nutrition reduces absenteeism.
  8. Balanced nutrition reduces the incidence of obesity.
  9. Nhlayisa has noted the goodwill from staff as well as improved labour-management relationships from properly-managed occupational health feeding of nutritious foods.
  10. Proper nutrition fed to 6000 learners showed a 15% improvement in academic performance and 30% increase in attendance.

**studies conducted by Harvard School of Public Health, Integrated Benefits Institute & Eat Club

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Ten Reasons To Feed Your Staff Grape Farm Worker