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Corona Virus – How To Boost Your Immune System And Stay Healthy

By |2020-03-31T09:59:50+02:00March 27th, 2020|Fortified Food, Minerals, Staff Health, Vitamins|

As COVID-19 continues to spread globally, a proper functioning immune system is more important than ever before. Our natural immunity is our first line of defence against all illnesses, including COVID-19. It is therefore imperative that we focus on our overall health. Now declared as a pandemic, COVID-19 continues to take its toll on people’s [...]

Ten Ways To Help Protect Your Employees From Coronavirus

By |2020-03-27T18:40:32+02:00March 18th, 2020|Products, Staff Health|

According to the International Labour Organisation, “Poor diet on the job is costing countries around the world up to 20 per cent in lost productivity.” Some of the causes of malnutrition include inappropriate dietary choices, a low income,difficulty obtaining healthy food, and various physical and mental health conditions. Our internal observations reveal that an alarming number [...]

Employee Wellbeing & Why It Is Important For Your Business

By |2020-02-20T12:33:55+02:00February 20th, 2020|Mine Workers, Staff Health|

The physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of employees has benefits not only for employees, but also for businesses. An employee who is physically healthy and sound of mind will take fewer sick days, and will be able to perform his or her work better than someone with poor physical and mental health. It is therefore [...]

Vitamin C – The Grandfather of Traditional Antioxidants

By |2020-01-16T11:36:29+02:00November 18th, 2019|Fortified Food, Ingredients, Products, Vitamins|

Vitamin C has taken a backseat in recent years with the advent of many newer antioxidants, but that doesn't make it any less important. Vitamin C is clearly the “grandfather” of the traditional antioxidants we know and its potent health benefits have been clearly established. A recent study published in Seminars in Preventive and Alternative [...]

Power Food – For Africa’s Workforce – SADC Sugar Digest Article

By |2020-01-16T11:36:30+02:00November 18th, 2019|Feeding Schemes, Fortified Food, Staff Health|

This article was published in SADC Sugar Digest Magazine - 2019 Article and photography: Colleen Dardagan An unlikely partnership between an Australian tourist and a former South African game ranger has resulted in the development of a highly nutritious fortifi ed food that both farmers and industries across the sub-Saharan African region are recognising as [...]

Inulin – A Prebiotic Fibre With Powerful Health Benefits

By |2020-01-16T11:36:30+02:00October 28th, 2019|Fortified Food, Ingredients, Products|

A good digestive system is vital for a healthy life. It helps our bodies to absorb all the nutrients needed to run smoothly. A key element to achieve a healthy digestive system is sufficient intake of the right dietary fibre. Food health authorities recommend a daily intake of 25 g of fibre, of which 5-10 g should [...]

The Benefits of Soya

By |2020-01-16T11:36:30+02:00October 9th, 2019|Fortified Food, Ingredients, Products|

Nhlayisa’s signature product, Yabhusta Power Supply fortified instant porridge, is mostly made from maize, sorghum, and soya. South Africans are no stranger to the former two grains, but soya has not nearly been as integrated into African culture as maize and sorghum. In fact, even though it has been cultivated in China for more than [...]

Preventing stunting in children

By |2020-01-16T11:36:30+02:00August 26th, 2019|Feeding Schemes, Fortified Food, School Feeding|

What is stunting? Stunting is the reduced growth and development of children because of inadequate nutrition, frequent infection, and lack of playing, socialising, and learning. According to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Child Growth Standards median, children are stunted when their height is low in relation to their age. Stunting in the early years of [...]

Food supplements and their benefits for different sectors in South Africa

By |2020-01-16T11:36:30+02:00July 25th, 2019|Feeding Schemes, Fortified Food, Mine worker Feeding Schemes, Mine Workers, Vitamins|

A balanced diet that contains all the necessary micro- and macronutrients is essential for a healthy body and mind and to adequately perform daily functions, such as at work or in school. Not only does a healthy diet help us to perform these tasks, but, according to the World Health Organization, it also helps to [...]