Power Food – For Africa’s Workforce – SADC Sugar Digest Article

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This article was published in SADC Sugar Digest Magazine - 2019 Article and photography: Colleen Dardagan An unlikely partnership between an Australian tourist and a former South African game ranger has resulted in the development of a highly nutritious fortifi ed food that both farmers and industries across the sub-Saharan African region are recognising as [...]

Preventing stunting in children

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What is stunting? Stunting is the reduced growth and development of children because of inadequate nutrition, frequent infection, and lack of playing, socialising, and learning. According to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Child Growth Standards median, children are stunted when their height is low in relation to their age. Stunting in the early years of [...]

Food supplements and their benefits for different sectors in South Africa

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A balanced diet that contains all the necessary micro- and macronutrients is essential for a healthy body and mind and to adequately perform daily functions, such as at work or in school. Not only does a healthy diet help us to perform these tasks, but, according to the World Health Organization, it also helps to [...]

Ten reasons to feed your staff

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Advanced nutrition supports brain function and energy levels which promotes safety at the workplace – particularly on mines (and jobs with high safety risks) where safety is a priority concern. The International Labour Organisation recently reported that companies are losing up to 20% in productivity due to malnutrition. According to Harvard School of Public Health, [...]

Ideal nutrition for mineworkers

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The mining industry forms an integral part of the South African economy; with an estimated worth of R20.3 trillion. In 2017, mining contributed 8% to the country’s gross domestic product. Needless to say, that makes mineworkers an integral part of the country’s wellbeing, and if this workforce suffers due to ill health that results from [...]

Remarkable Results in Zambia – School Feeding Scheme in Zambia

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 Like many countries in Africa, Zambia is a poverty-stricken nation. According to the Borgen Project, a non-profit organisation that addresses poverty and hunger in poor nations such as Zambia, 60% of the Zambian population live below the poverty line, with 42% being classified as extremely poor. This figure is worse in rural Zambia, where [...]

What is a feeding scheme and how does it help learners and schools?

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  In a developing country such as South Africa, where poverty is not only rife, but also among the highest in the world, people inevitably go hungry. According to the World Bank, from a list of 149 countries, South Africa has the highest inequality in the world, with a score of 63 out of 100 [...]