Food For Staff & Schools: Pride & Purpose Interview David Khoza Interview

Pride & Purpose is a non-profit organisation, in partnership with Virgin Unite, whose purpose is to support local communities that lack basic needs such as access to food, clean water, and health services. So far, Pride & Purpose has provided approximately 5000 people with access to clean water, provided education facilities to 3000 children, planted vegetables and fruit trees as a source of food for 3000 people, and have supported local entrepreneurs and 54 orphans or vulnerable children.

Pride & Purpose is the charity arm of Ulusaba, Virgin owner Richard Branson’s private game reserve, which is located in the Sabi Sand Reserve. Ulusaba is a family-friendly safari destination that mostly employs people from the surrounding Shangaan community, meaning that it creates jobs for many of the locals, which is something Pride & Purpose also strives to achieve. The Shangaan are well known for their rich musical heritage, as well as their dancing, which creates a festive and cultural atmosphere at Ulusaba. In 2016, it was voted by Condé Nast Traveller Reader’s Choice Awards as the best resort in Africa, and it was previously also voted as the third best resort in the world. Since Richard Branson purchased Ulusaba in 1994, he has made use of his vast wealth to upgrade the suites and make Ulusaba a world-class destination.

In line with Pride & Purpose’s vision to feed the less fortunate, they have for the past seven years made use of Nhlayisa Power Supply’s Instant Porridge to supply the often undernourished community with much-needed nutrition, as well as to their staff to give them the energy they need to conduct their charitable activities. Pride & Purpose’s David Khoza had the following to say about the Instant Porridge:

“We have been using Nhlaysia Power Porridge since 2010 until to date, so that is almost seven years that we’re talking about.

Our company is Pride & Purpose, a non-profit organisation (NGO) that really supports the communities who have been living in this area for a long time. We are supplying them and the kids in the preschools with the porridge because that’s our main focus – education. We supply the porridge to the little ones and our staff.

When we started, we were just trying to support our staff, but we have realised how much of an impact the porridge has on the kids. It keeps them strong for the day, and gives them a lot of energy for the day, and their minds stay strong the whole day without eating anything else because the porridge keeps them strong. It’s a very quick-energy porridge that everyone needs.

They like the taste of the porridge, and they know the taste now. Sometimes, if something is changed in the porridge, they will let you know. They enjoy a lot of porridge; they love it. The kids are crazy; they don’t even like the Corn Flakes these days; they like Power Supply’s Instant Porridge.

There is a lot of feedback. Our staff come to me and say, “The Instant Porridge cleans kidneys. I didn’t realise it works so far.” We have had a staff member who has been very ill for a long time and has lost weight. We gave this staff member some Instant Porridge, and suddenly he stood up, with power and energy, and went back to work. He still enjoys the porridge because it gives him energy. I can recommend the Instant Porridge to anyone. I believe that it will help the guys here at the lodges because the staff sometimes get weak and sometimes they get sick, but if you eat this porridge it will give you the energy to keep going.

Since using Power Supply’s Instant Porridge, I have seen a lot of changes, that’s why even today we’re still thinking of getting more and more because in areas that we couldn’t reach, the people have tasted it and they definitely want more. People, especially the NGOs, must start thinking that this porridge is definitely needed in our schools and for anyone else, especially the people who are getting sick. I have seen that with people who are HIV positive and who are losing their weight that, with this porridge, they gain their energy and quickly make a comeback.”

Pride & Purpose Food For Staff & Schools Instant Porridge