Donate Power Supply to a rural school and earn BEE points.

“In order to build a nation you must first educate and feed its children.”Nelson Mandela

Earn BEE Points

As an organisation with BEE scorecard responsibilities, you can earn points under the Socio-Economic Development or ‘SED’ and Enterprise Development or ‘ED’ categories when you donate to Power Supply.

We facilitate the provision of vital food nutrition to rural schools throughout Mpumalanga and Limpopo through our alliance with the Good Work Foundation, a leader in rural digital education. A donation to provide nutrition to a Power Supply school will earn an organisation up to five SED and five ED points.

Our vision is to enable a new generation of children get the vital and relevant nutrients required for a vastly improved school performance.

Your donation to a Power Supply school accomplishes exactly what the new legislation aims to address:

Nutrition, Education
and Employment.


100% Black Owned Distributors

Local 100% black-owned distribution companies undertake the distribution of Power Supply from our factory to the schools.

Enterprise Development (ED) points can be earned should the donor organisation provide any form of capacity training at no cost to our Power Supply schools (teachers, admin staff and/or learners) or distributor entrepreneurs. Similarly, providing preferential rates or special terms to these beneficiaries also qualifies one to earn ED points.

Power Supply will issue you with a letter that verifies the donation, as well as a receipt for you to submit in order to receive points with your auditor.

Benefits To Your Organisation

  • Earn 5 Socio-Economic Development (SED) points on your BEE scorecard.
  • Earn 5 Enterprise Development (ED) points on your BEE scorecard
  • You will receive a Section 18A tax certificate for your donation to Nhlayisa, i.e. your donation is tax deductible.
  • Empower black-owned distribution companies.
  • Marketing and branding opportunities in rural areas of South Africa.