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Africa’s Future Lies In The Hands Of Its Children

School Feeding Schemes

Africa’s future lies in the hands of it’s children, but they are at risk due to poor nutrition. Without balanced and sufficient nutrition children can become stunted and their learning ability and outcomes are negatively affected.

Stunting is permanent. In Africa up to 47% of children are affected by this. When children are hungry they have problems concentrating in class, have high absenteeism rates, fall ill and experience behavioural issues in class. This seriously reduces their academic performance.

At Power Supply we are adamant about addressing these issues and work with a number of feeding schemes to promote health and a balanced nutritional diet for students. One such feeding scheme is currently feeding 6000 learners, and the results have been amazing.

We have seen increased levels of concentration, attendance and their academic performance has improved by more than 15%.

Our Feeding Scheme Progress So Far

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Our Feeding Scheme Success Stories

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