Yabhusta Power Supply Instant Mageu

Our new Power Supply instant Mageu is loaded with vitamins for an added energy boost whilst at work. Years of product development and refinement has resulted in exceptional taste – just like fresh Mageu.

Yabhusta Power Supply Mageu is for anyone in the family who is feeling sick or down; giving them a boost. It is a refreshing and filling drink which gives you a boost when you need it most, iYabhusta!

Power Supply instant Mageu was developed with due respect for the long tradition of this important African drink.  Also known as maHewu, amaRhewu or amaHewu, it is a traditional non-alcoholic maize drink.  The excellent taste and texture is the same as the traditional home brewed Mageu, and makes a refreshing drink for anyone of any age.

No need for refigeration. 120g makes 1 litre. Mix what you need to save the rest – no wastage. Instant Mageu – instant boost at an affordable price. Available in 120g and 600g sizes. Shelf life of one year.

Available in vanilla and banana flavours.

Excellent form of nutrition for staff or anyone at work.

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Yabhusta Maheu Instant Mageu
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